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Tree World hack

Finally we have a Tree World Hack, you can use it on both Android and ios devices. Tree World hack is a very unusual arcade, the essence of which is to grow a tree in order to provide home for different animals. It sounds like something strange. But if you try to play it, you will discover a wonderful world of trees with lovely animals that have to live somewhere. It is you who have a role of a builder in Tree World cheats, where you will grow trees and create whole cities for them to live happily and comfortably.

Short review

The game process in Tree World mod apk can be called a clicker. Using cheat codes for Tree World is very simple, see information below. You only have to click on various elements and perform certain actions in this way. The main goal of the game is to perform tasks, grow a huge tree with a bunch of different branches on which animals will live. Start from zero and gradually get to the top! Of course, you can create everything at once, but gradually, when the tree becomes bigger and bigger, you will open many other possibilities in Tree World cheats for vita gems. Also look at Blossom Blast Saga cheats

In Tree World cheats without jailbreak your primary task will be to create the branches on which animals will live. Hacked Tree World for Tree World cheats for Vita gems, Crystals, Fertilizer completely free and works on IOS and Android devices. To create a big tree, you must first grow all the branches that are necessary for further growth. But that’s not all! In Tree World hack 2019 you also have to change branches, so that certain species of animals can settle on them. Experiment and see who lives on your magnificent tree!

Tree World hack ways

It is very important to plant branches with animals in Tree World. The secret is that Tree World Cheats, are free and completely safe. So you don’t get banned. They bring you the main profit, which will allow further development of trees. Do not forget to pass assignments to get even more rewards. In general, Tree World is a very nice and interesting game, which is really simple, but very exciting. The game is perfect for relax, especially because it can be played by both adults and children.

Tree World Cheats for Fertilizer, Vita gems and Crystals (for Android)

  • Tree World cheats for Vita gems – 0d-4162eea6eb9
  • Crystals – f7-caaa24199ea
  • Fertilizer – 6f-2d3fb02d903
  • Handful of Vita Gems – ba-3775812f4e8 ($0.99)
  • Pouch of Vita Gems – d5-3c3efaac7d2 ($4.99)
  • Handful of Vita Gems – df-6ee46137e02 ($0.99)
  • Pouch of Vita Gems – 1d-a5d5d004cf1 ($3.99)
  • Handful of Tree Food – a2-0d257343384 ($0.99)
  • Pouch of Tree Food – c0-ecc6d0df8fb ($3.99)
  • Pouch of Vita Gems – 01-71ad578ac80 ($4.99)
  • Pouch of Tree Food – 31-718d2f79839 ($4.99)
  • Handful of Vita Gems Test – 74-f52f0d96bab ($2.99)
  • Pouch of Vita Gems – 4b-7546b557ca3 ($3.99)
  • Free In-App Purchases – aa-db39cbf8a6a

Tree World Cheat Codes for free In-App Purchases (for iOS)

  • Tree World cheats for Vita gems – b9-4162eea6e0d
  • Crystals – ea-caaa24199f7
  • Fertilizer – 03-2d3fb02d96f
  • Handful of Vita Gems – e8-3775812f4ba ($0.99)
  • Pouch of Vita Gems – d2-3c3efaac7d5 ($4.99)
  • Handful of Vita Gems – 02-6ee46137edf ($0.99)
  • Pouch of Vita Gems – f1-a5d5d004c1d ($3.99)
  • Handful of Tree Food – 84-0d2573433a2 ($0.99)
  • Pouch of Tree Food – fb-ecc6d0df8c0 ($3.99)
  • Pouch of Vita Gems – 80-71ad578ac01 ($4.99)
  • Pouch of Tree Food – 39-718d2f79831 ($4.99)
  • Handful of Vita Gems Test – ab-f52f0d96b74 ($2.99)
  • Pouch of Vita Gems – a3-7546b557c4b ($3.99)
  • Free In-App Purchases – 6a-db39cbf8aaa
Show Google Play description
Can you grow your tree to the sky and make it a home for adorable critters?

** DISCOVER over 300 different critters, from the adorable Caterpillow tree world hack to the legendary Nautilus!
** COLLECT them all!
** GROW your tree through layers of forest to unlock new surprises! tree world cheats
** CUSTOMIZE your tree to make the perfect home for your critters.
** TRADE critters with Pippy and Friends!
** Complete tree world mod apk ADVENTURES to rescue critters from the Gnome King.
** More features coming soon!

Tree World can be played online Tree World Fertilizer hack and offline, but be sure to connect to the internet to download the latest critters!

Contact us Tree World hack Crystals for help at

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From the makers of Zombie Farm and Zombie Battle.
Show App Store description
Can you grow your tree to the sky and make it a home for 1 pet, 2 pets, 300+ pets?

** DISCOVER a kingdom filled with the adorable Caterpillow critter, Nautilus critter, Pandacorn critter and more!
** COLLECT them all, a tiny creature, tree world cheats for vita gems an adorable animal, a dragon, a monster and more!
** TRADE with friends and family to complete your collection!
** DEFEAT the Gnome King and his minion in an adventure to save critters!
** tree world cheats without jailbreak CONNECT with friends and visit their trees!
** TAP to grow your tree through the layers of vale and forest to unlock new surprises!
** CREATE a unique story by customising your tree!
** tree world hack 2019 SUMMON the elf Poppy to get a new creature!

Tree World is a FREE game and can be played both online and offline, but be sure to connect to the internet to download the latest critters! Not just for Tree World cheats for Vita gems kids, Tree World can capture the hearts of young and old with its adorable tiny creatures.

Tree World is a perfect pocket sized game!

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All ways to hack Tree World

Further we will consider the most popular hacking methods.

1. Use the Mod

Tree World Mod Apk - is a modified installation file of original game, whicc can give you free Fertilizer, Vita gems and Crystals, and more else.

Show all versions of Mod Apk

Download Tree World 2.0.7 Mod


The update you’ve been waiting for is here! We sprayed some of the peskiest bugs known to Tree-kind:

- For those affected, you will no longer experience the “Create Username” bug!
- Life’s been made easier for you and your neighbors.
- You’ll notice “koala-ty” of life improvements to the trading system too!
- Extra extra; We now support the iPhone X Series (X, XS, XS plus, XR)!

Download Tree World 2.0.5 Mod


We've got some BIG updates for Tree World 2.04

- Changes to your trees not saving in your account and/or in Neighbor mode? This is now fixed! *** Please note, this does NOT apply to multiple devices. If you are playing on more than 1 device, you may still experience this issue.
- General bug fixes
- Performance optimization

Download Tree World 1.38.1 Mod


Critters, critters, critters!!! More critters ! :)
20 new critters in this update, bringing the total number above 300 critters!!!
Come back and discover Silk Moth, Slow Lorris, Calamar and so many others.
Head to the market to get them and place them on your tree!

Download Tree World 1.37.1 Mod


This is a BIG one, NEW critters are finally here!

- Discover 10 new amazing critters
- Get more critters in the Capsule Machine, first spin is free and then 5,10,20,40,80
- Use Patty the fairy to collect tree food, 2 vita gems per use

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Download Tree World 1.36 Mod


Tree World 1.36 update has new ways to develop your critter collection!

You can now watch videos to earn the following:
- Quicken the summoning of new critters!
- Get your first critter for FREE in the Capsule Machine!
- Get some vitagems for FREE in the store!

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Download Tree World 1.35.1 Mod


Exciting Tree World 1.35 update:

-Boost your production of Tree Food with new premium branches.
-New critters added in Pippy’s exchange AND Adventure mode.
-Redesign for the Capsule machine AND addition of new critter types.
-Automatically hire a Fairy to collect all your Tree Food.
-“My Tree” shows a complete recap of your critter collection.
-Tap on critters “on sale” to see their stats.
-Improvement of overall game experience.

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Download Tree World 1.34 Mod


Another BIG update! See what’s new in Version 1.34:

- Pippy’s exchange allows you to discover mostly critters you don’t know yet.
- Tree Food given when critter is evicted.
- Critter unhapiness display, you can choose to move them or change the branch type to increase their morale.
- Get more Tree Food from the fruits at the top of the tree (depends on number of branches)!
- Critter level up is cheaper! Number of days left before next automatic level up are indicated.
- Critter rarity level display helps you figure out critter value in Adventure Mode, Pippy’s exchange and when visiting neighbours.
- Tap on critter to rescue in Adventure mode and see its rarity aw well as if you own it or not.

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Download Tree World 1.33 Mod


Feed your critters, water your branches and grow your tree because we have a BIG and EXCITING update!

Update 1.33 contains the following features:
-Arrows on the home screen allow you to teleport quickly at the top or to the bottom of your tree.
-Check marks in the Market tell you which critters have already been discovered or not.
-Visuals in the critter information sheet tell you if you’ve already discovered it OR you already own it, and where you can find it (tree OR den).
-Pippy’s exchange allows you to discover mostly critters you don’t know yet.
-Tapping the critter cage in Adventure mode lets you know if you already have this critter or not.
-Treekeeper costs have been vastly reduced, making it easier to add branches, so it’s time to grow your tree!
-Critter capsule is now only 20 vita gems per use!
-Stock up on critters! The capsule machine has a complete new offer every 3 days.

Download Tree World 1.31.1 Mod


Tree World is now optimized for iOS8!
We’ve fixed some iOS8 related bugs
The performance has been improved for a better game experience

Have feedback? Leave us a review or drop us a line at [email protected]

Download Tree World 1.31 Mod


-Bug Fixes

Download Tree World 1.30 Mod


- Huge discounts are offered on critters every couple of days!
- Treekeepers no longer require the player to pay 10 separate times. Players now only pay one time with either Tree Food or Vita Gems.
- When placing a critter on your tree, Tree World now displays the plants the held critter likes and dislikes.

Download Tree World 1.29 Mod


- Added more branches
- You can now reject all incoming trades from your news wall
- Have a critter that's too valuable to trade? You can now mark your critters "Not for Trade"
- After rejecting a trade from a player, you can now prevent that player from making you any more trade offers

Download Tree World 1.28 Mod



We have now resolved the issue where Tree Keeper progress was not saving. Update now to safely grow your tree again!

Download Tree World 1.27 Mod


There once was an ambitious tree
its goal: to be tall as can be
but it's stuck at 110, and thought "Well that's not fair" 
and then grew 10 branches right out of thin air!

- 10 more branches, and a new Tree Keeper!
- Bug fixes

Download Tree World 1.26 Mod


- Fixes performance issues

Download Tree World 1.25 Mod


- Slimmer HUD to create more screen space for critters
- Streamlined menu functionality for a friendlier user experience
- Greenified all menus

Download Tree World 1.24 Mod


Bug Fixes for stability

Download Tree World 1.23 Mod


- Grow your tree and hatch the next Tree Keeper!

- Give the Critter Capsule Machine a spin, and win some critters!
- See what critters you've already collected, and which ones you can still get

Download Tree World 1.22 Mod


- We made it easier to get to Poppy's house so you can summon
- The Den shows newly added critters first

Bug Fixes

Download Tree World 1.21 Mod


Pippy is the (self-proclaimed) bestest critter collector in the world. Browse through Pippy's book of critters to see if you can make a deal for a Legendary critter!
Check back often for Pippy's latest deals!

After a long vacation in the Arctic, these exclusive critters are back. Get them by purchasing $5 worth of Tree Food or Vita Gems!

Tree World now supports the iPhone 5!

Download Tree World 1.20 Mod


- New goals to guide you through Tree World
- Get rewarded for completing goals!

- We added more of the critters you love to Mystery Boxes

- We added an easy way to fix your critter clock issues
1. Connect to the internet (Be Sure to Ask Your Parents Permission Before Going Online?)
2. Click on the OPTIONS button (Hint: It's in the slide out menu on the bottom left)
3. Scroll to the bottom and click "Check for Updates"
4. That's it!

Download Tree World 1.19 Mod


- Minor visual changes
- Minor bug fixes

Download Tree World 1.18 Mod


- Don't miss out on your chance to get free critters. This update will notify you when a critter giveaway is happening!

- Share and Tweet your love of Tree World on Facebook and Twitter and earn Vita Gems in the process!
- Look for them in the Resources menu!

Download Tree World 1.17 Mod


- You can now grow your tree up to 100 Branches
- Introducing an ALL NEW Tree Keeper, the Orangutan!
- Update to claim the last Ice Critter Festival Critter, The Crystal Kitty, for FREE!

Bug Fixes and Optimizations

Download Tree World 1.16 Mod


Bug Fixes and Optimizations

- Tree World runs smoother!

2. Use the Cheat Codes

Tree World Cheats - is a simplest way to hack the game and get free Fertilizer, Vita gems and Crystals, and more else. All list of cheat codes that we have, you can see above. But not everyone knows how to use them. For those who do not know how to use cheat codes, we created an instruction.

3. Use the Unlimitizer

Tree World Unlimitizer - is a small app, that can manage numerical values in any games and applications. So you can change some value of resource you need to some else. This is an exclusive application developed by our team, and you can download it only from our website.

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