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Urban Rivals hack

Finally we have a Urban Rivals Hack, you can use it on both Android and ios devices. Take a part in the extraordinary disassembly! Urban Rivals mod apk is a card gam actions of what are happening in the fictional city that is full of criminal and debauchery. You need to assemble a team of faithful people and make your own laws in this world in order to bring some happiness and order for this city. All this is shown in the game! So get ready for the long way of becoming a criminal boss in Urban Rivals hack and show the world who deserves to reign there.

Short review

The game process Urban Rivals all cards is a collecting of cards and fights with any opponents. Using cheat codes for Urban Rivals is very simple, see information below. Pass the plot campaign in order to be in the know of everything and collect different cards by passing levels. Firstly, the weakest cards and basic cards are available for you but you will get an access for more powerful new characters which you can tune and improve their characteristics more and more. Collect the deck of the best fighters and go conquering the city in Urban Rivals free credits. Also look at cheat codes for Cooking Dash 2016

There are only seven modes in Urban Rivals cheats. Hacked Urban Rivals for Credits, Health, All cards, Coins, Points, Clintz completely free and works on IOS and Android devices. Besides the plot campaign you can turn on the mode of training and improve your skills and also learn the cards more particularly. And the most interesting mode in the game is a network one. Fight with players around the world for right to be The King of streets. Either just play for pleasure. Anyway you will get some rating points for victories and they let you to compare your results with scores of others in Urban Rivals free clintz. Can you become one and the best? Try!

Urban Rivals hack ways

Urban Rivals has a good and stylish graphic with mutual atmosphere of criminal and banditry. The secret is that Urban Rivals Cheats, are free and completely safe. So you don’t get banned. Besides, it is a great opportunity to show your tactic genius developing some special tactics for certain cards so as you could win even the strongest opponent. Generally the Urban Rivals is not allotted in the list of other card games besides the special modes and unique cards. And the game doesn’t top being a qualitative presenter of the genre that can give you a lot of pleasure for free!

Urban Rivals Cheats for Coins, Points, Health, Clintz, All cards and Credits (for Android)

  • Clintz – c9-9ceef2b4ff5
  • Health – 6a-bb61afd59cc
  • Credits – eb-386f54e4314
  • All cards – 91-278bdf4aee0
  • Coins – bd-155e51aa099
  • Points – 97-ab4d3a9b35f
  • 305 Credits – 09-4db095e9a34 ($9.99)
  • 25 Credits – d5-8048e729868 ($0.99)
  • 630 Credits – cd-64b5d76a588 ($19.99)
  • 215 Credits – 5f-e4e560df8b9 ($6.99)
  • 1620 Credits – c8-baf83e2c2b9 ($49.99)
  • 3340 Credits – 70-a3383739d3a ($99.99)
  • Free In-App Purchases – 96-f1214e371d5

Urban Rivals Cheat Codes for free In-App Purchases (for iOS)

  • Clintz – f5-9ceef2b4fc9
  • Health – cc-bb61afd596a
  • Credits – 14-386f54e43eb
  • All cards – e0-278bdf4ae91
  • Coins – 99-155e51aa0bd
  • Points – 5f-ab4d3a9b397
  • 305 Credits – 34-4db095e9a09 ($9.99)
  • 25 Credits – 68-8048e7298d5 ($0.99)
  • 630 Credits – 88-64b5d76a5cd ($19.99)
  • 215 Credits – b9-e4e560df85f ($6.99)
  • 1620 Credits – b9-baf83e2c2c8 ($49.99)
  • 3340 Credits – 3a-a3383739d70 ($99.99)
  • Free In-App Purchases – d5-f1214e37196
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Simply difficult.

• dynamic gameplay style
• hundreds of urban rivals mod apk challenging missions
• 4 minutes of play time per urban rivals hack battle
• 29 clans

Learn more about Urban Rivals urban rivals all cards and our Comics series on www.urban-rivals.com

© 2019 Urban Rivals Coins hack Acute Games. All rights reserved. Urban Rivals Urban Rivals hack Health is a registered trademark of Acute Games - in France and other countries. All other trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.
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Simply hard.
• dynamic gameplay style
• hundreds of challenging urban rivals free credits missions
• 4 minutes of play time per battle
• urban rivals cheats 29 clans

Learn more about Urban Rivals urban rivals free clintz and our Comics series on www.urban-rivals.com

©2019 Acute Urban Rivals cheats for Points Games. All rights reserved. Urban Urban Rivals Clintz cheat Rivals is a registered trademark of Acute Games - Boostr in France and other countries. All other trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.

All ways to hack Urban Rivals

Further we will consider the most popular hacking methods.

1. Use the Mod

Urban Rivals Mod Apk - is a modified installation file of original game, whicc can give you free Coins, Points, Health, Clintz, All cards and Credits, and more else.

Show all versions of Mod Apk

Download Urban Rivals 6.7 Mod


Changelog 6.7 :

- New notification system for finished missions, system messages, friend request...
- New Fang pi clang arena (No K.O yet)
- New Freaks arena (No K.O yet)
- New Huracan arena (No K.O yet)
- New All stars arena (No K.O yet)
- New Jungo arena (No K.O yet)
- New Pussycats arena (No K.O yet)
- New Junkz arena (No K.O yet)
- New Ulu watu arena (No K.O yet)
- New button near deckbuilding clan list that link to the selected clan in the grade section
- Added a new impact sound when a projectile hit a player's box
- A new popup appears when your EFC league change
- New Survivor room UI

- Swipe gesture added on room selection
- Main menu player box reworked to be coherent with the website one
- Visual improvements on first tutorial
- Round music fading when result screen appears
- New sound on level up
- Clans with 0 owned cards are now grayed out on deckbuilding clan list

- Sligthly reduced network bandwidth usage on Fight and Main menu

- Fixed "This battle is not playing" bug
- Fixed some texts on levelling unlocks section

Download Urban Rivals 6.6.4 Mod


Minor bug fixes

Download Urban Rivals 6.6.2 Mod


Terminus UpdateMinor bug fixes

Download Urban Rivals 6.6 Mod


New TERMINUS event mode: come and discover Clint City’s scariest railroad…

-The Spot: the UR social network available on the app
-Possibility to subscribe to or unsubscribe from players
-Random Arenas option unlocked if you have 80% of the clan!
-New player profile including Rank Progression and Level Progression
-New system of EFC badges and verified/authentic accounts directly on the player avatar

-New Piranas’ arena: all aboard, me hearties!
-New Street Fighter-like life bars - fan service but we like it!

Have fun!

Download Urban Rivals 6.5 Mod


On the menu are:
- The Komboka hidden in town and all set to come crashing through!
- “Tool tips” everywhere and at any time.
- “Auto-deck” button in the game rooms, for ease of use!
- Players’ actions in the arenas in “real time”
- Various corrections to the EFC, Results and Pack Opening interfaces
- Market restricted to validated accounts only. No more cheating!

Download Urban Rivals 6.4 Mod


-New Raptors Arena skin with its KO animation!
-and many other stuff…

Download Urban Rivals 6.1.3 Mod


-New Frozn Arena skin with its KO animation!
-New soundtrack
-Languages available in Options
-New HD clans logos
-Special fx on Collectors, Mythic cards and GhosTown at night
-and many other stuff…

Download Urban Rivals 6.1.2 Mod


Various bug fixes

Download Urban Rivals 6.1 Mod


The Update includes:
- New interfaces;
- Combat zoom option;
- Arena customization system;
- New Arcade game mode;
- Global optimization;

Download Urban Rivals 5.5 Mod


CRyptocoinz system
Many bugfixes

Download Urban Rivals 5.3 Mod


The Discovery of Orfanwood!

Download Urban Rivals 5.2 Mod


New level-up animation
Level-up reward
Guild user interface
Welcome offers

Download Urban Rivals 5.0 Mod


New level-up animation
Level-up reward
New skin in the Collectors' window
Guild user interface
Welcome offers
Your own avatars are back in combat
The abilities’ descriptions have been improved
You can now see which card the AI has selected
Correction of various bugs

The return button now works again
Addition of an option to deactivate the pop-up mission progression windows
The limited packs now come with their own descriptions
Reduction in use of bandwidth when waiting on the main screen
Deals for free credits (shop)
New animations

Download Urban Rivals 4.9 Mod


+New Top Bar

+New Global UI:
*Deck Builder
*Mode Rooms

+Fixed: Memory losses
+New Arcade Flow
+New pack opening

Download Urban Rivals 4.8.4 Mod


-New Clan GhosTown coming on June 9th
-New game mechanics Day / Night

Download Urban Rivals 4.8 Mod


In our next Comic, the smell of gunpowder, country music and cabaret dancers will transport you all the way to Purgatory.
So, pull on your cowboy boots, grab your hat and load your Colt, you’re sure to run into the Marshal. And just a word of advice: he’s not the most friendly-looking guy, so take it easy...
The Comic is on sale for 40 credits and you’ll receive 5 pieces of gold as a reward... and yes, by that we mean Tokenz!

Download Urban Rivals 4.7 (5) Mod

urban-rivals-4.7 (5)-mod.apk

Hello, Clint City!

Here is a new update along with a few fixes.
Please vote and review the game's updated version. This will help us a great deal!

What's new?
Added: tutorial room
Improved: toolbar
Improved: Collection
Improved: Market
Fixed: Battle, Collection, Shop tutorial
Fixed: various bugs that slowed the download process
Improved: Friend feed open to ALL
Added: DT and Survivor ranking available in their rooms
Added: Profile badges
Added: Mythic cards
Added: Chat accessible everywhere
Improved: Special effects on Poison-Consume-Toxin-Heal-Regen-Dope

Download Urban Rivals 4.5.6 Mod


-Fixes on Morphunn and Bridget Abilities

Download Urban Rivals 4.5.5 Mod


-Xantiax bug fixed
-Quick Battle bug fixed
-New automatic Maintenance/Update Message
-Sound can be disable during the fight

Download Urban Rivals 4.5.4 Mod



Download Urban Rivals 4.5.3 Mod


- Many Hotfix
- EFC Game Mode available
- Projection Disabled by default in options
- Market sell 50 clintz available
- Player’s turn with sound notification
- Pillz played on cards
- Courage and Revenge indications

Download Urban Rivals 4.5.1 Mod


Various Bugfixes
Free Pillz Option

Download Urban Rivals 4.5 Mod


- New avatars linked to your skinbox website.
- Fully revised fighting graphics: everything will now be on the same scene to increase speed.
- A new ELO, christened the EFC (ELO Fighting Championship), which will be the new league system.
- During combat, there will be chat emoticons that can be easily accessed by clicking on our avatar.
- The Divinity+ rankings have an additional special smiley.
- A new deck builder that offers the possibility of creating a deck from scratch and being able to manage it more easily.
- A new market page that you can access by clicking on your Clintz/credits total.
- New graphics when opening packs of cards, Clintz and Collectors.
- A guild chat.

Download Urban Rivals 4.4 Mod


Many crash fixes
Events fighters room
Global improvement

Download Urban Rivals 4.3 Mod


New Profile screen
New Missions screen
New Friendlist screen
New Fighters room with deck selection
New player’s profile
Helpers (long touch on menu buttons)
FAQ link button on Options screen
Simplified Result screen
Modality informations (+) with rules, rewards, presets to copy, rankings
New Collection and deck builder screen
Level up Popup
Next fight button fixed
+ Many bug fixes

2. Use the Cheat Codes

Urban Rivals Cheats - is a simplest way to hack the game and get free Coins, Points, Health, Clintz, All cards and Credits, and more else. All list of cheat codes that we have, you can see above. But not everyone knows how to use them. For those who do not know how to use cheat codes, we created an instruction.

3. Use the Unlimitizer

Urban Rivals Unlimitizer - is a small app, that can manage numerical values in any games and applications. So you can change some value of resource you need to some else. This is an exclusive application developed by our team, and you can download it only from our website.

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